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Gs Bullion
 GS Bullion was started few years ago, located in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad. It is managed by a dynamic team of having 5 years experience in Bullion industry. GS Bullion has grown tremndously and it is having customer all over the country. Though single minded focus in customer satisfation GSB gains its reputation in Bullion industry. Our commitment to excellence, purity and whole - hearted services has earned us an evelasting place in our customers heart.The new and young team with their enthusiasm perfectly compliments the vast experience and vision of group. Our live rate websites enables transparencey in Gold & Silver rates.
Our Products

Gold - 999,995, Birla
Silver - Peti, Chorsa
Coin - 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 Grms

Delivery will be available at our C.G Road and Manekchowk offices.

Terms & Conditions:-
1. Physical deliveries are "Trade day + 1day" (T+1) basis and customers must have to take the deliveries within two working days      from the trade day.
2. Deliveries pending beyond value date will be charged.
3. Booking can be done only through appropriate telephones.
4. The Custom Duty will be considered only it remains on the value date.
5. Buying rate is applicable for Bullion Dealers
6.The rates are inclusive of taxes belongs to jurisdiction of Gujarat